We serve as a neutral third party working to benefit the entire transaction and all parties involved.

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We are recognized for our proven track record of procedural accuracy and known for our unmatched level of attention to detail.

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We strive to exceed your expectations and earn the right to your business every time.

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Republic Escrow Corporation

For over 20 years Republic Escrow has had one goal; to exceed your expectations in the closing of your real estate transaction.

Republic Escrow provides expert escrow processing and closing services as an independent escrow company with a reputation for a high level professionalism, procedural accuracy and experience in handling complicated and difficult escrow transactions while remaining in accordance of state laws.

Republic Escrow has served the escrow needs of a variety of clients such as large financial institutions, community banks, bankruptcy courts and lawyers, and individual property buyers and sellers. Each escrow is diligently handled by an expert who is responsive, dependable and pro-active; providing security and peace of mind that your real estate transaction is a positive experience.

Republic Escrow has been licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight since 1992, and we hold a $4,000,000 bond with the Escrow Agents’ Fidelity Corporation.

Republic Escrow was not just an important member of our team; they were the Team Captain. They provided consistently superior service in a difficult situation with a Bank OREO sale that was long delayed. They solved problems before they became problems. Attention to detail was excellent. Republic Escrow literally led us safely through multiple mine fields. Our deals would not have closed without them. They did all this in a team spirited and professional manner that is unparalleled in the escrow industry.

— EVP and Chief Credit Officer, Independence Bank

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